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There is a doctor out there who is the perfect fit to buy your practice... And everyday he or she can't find it, it's costing you time and money

What Clients Are Saying

Giving You More Choices
You asked + we listened! After months of strategy + development we are thrilled to roll out our long-anticipated multi-level service structure.  We are proud to now offer three levels of service to best assist clinics of all sizes in the clinic sale process. No matter your clinic size, we now have a service option optimized to meet your sales needs (and help you retain more of your post-sale profit!) 
Welcome to the Practice Sales Revolution


Progressive Practice Sales is the premier practice brokerage

dedicated exclusively to helping chiropractors to buy and

sell clinics.  This business was born out of the idea that the

traditional practice sales model was seriously outdated;  

From old school marketing to a passive sales model, none

of it was designed to optimize the sales process for you,

the seller.

In contrast, our full-service team of 20+ utilizes an active

approach to clinic sales, with dedicated team members

involved in every step of your sales cycle – so you can focus

on your practice, assured that our team is hard at work +

your sale is in good hands.  We assist in every step of your

practice sale, from valuing the clinic + marketing your

practice so it will stand out in today’s crowded marketplace,

to negotiating your deal and walking it through all of the

potential pitfalls to a successful close.  We can even assist

your buyer in procuring financing!


Because we have such an active sales model, our team invests approximately 200 hours in each sale, all aimed at making your sale process as smooth as possible, while saving you the maximum amount of your most valuable resources – time and money.

Hear From Our Clients
This full-service model benefits our selling clients, but we also get rave reviews from prospective buyers and funding banks, because the information packages we create are the best in the industry, and our focus on service + transparency maximizes success in both the sale and funding of our clients clinics.
Why Doctors Trust Us to Sell Their Practice


If you are looking for the broker who will work the hardest for you, you’re in the right place! The "white glove" service our team provides throughout the sales process - from our high-impact marketing packages to find the best buyer for your clinic, to our full-service sale and transition assistance - resulted in industry breaking records in 2018:

     - 50% shorter average sales cycle than the industry norm*
     - 98% completion from LOI to close
     - Only one bank decline

The Highest Standard for Selling Chiropractic Clinics


The key to a timely practice sale is making sure prospective buyers can find your clinic, and that they remember your clinic. In today’s crowded marketplace you just can’t depend on antiquated classified ads + outdated broker websites to accomplish either of these goals.
At Progressive Practice Sales, our strategic marketing plans far exceed anything else in the industry. We invest heavily in upfront marketing for our clinics through pay-per-click advertising, retargeting, social media and direct response marketing to make sure your clinic gets in front of prospective buyers over and over again, dramatically increasing the amount of advertising our doctors are getting vs clients of other brokers. And because we invest heavily in website updates and optimization, our web presence is unsurpassed with page one search rankings on all major search engines for ‘chiropractic practices for sale’ and other similar search terms. This is a huge benefit to our clients, as our practices are getting in front of 3000-4000 unique visitors per month. This, combined with our superior marketing + reputation in the chiropractic community, results in exposure to the marketplace that is unmatched by other brokers

Why Your Broker Really Matters


The process of selling your most valuable asset is much more than just finding the right buyer. Business sales are built on trust and fraught with potential landmines, so the broker you pick will play a critical role in helping your buyer and their advisors to feel comfortable moving forward. Because of this, you want to make sure the broker you work with:

  • Is easily accessible to you and your buyer, smoothing the path for the sale to move forward

  • Understands chiropractic + your clinic so they can clear up buyer and bank concerns without your involvement

  • Inspires a sense of trustworthiness + competence – critical factors for soothing the fears of buyers terrified of making a bad decision that could cause financial ruin

  • Has the experience + dedication to fully support + educate you through the practice sale emotional roller coaster

Chiropractic office sales are a big deal to both the seller and the buyer, which means there are heightened emotions and tensions on both sides. Ultimately your broker’s most important job is to navigate the unexpected twists with the utmost of care, to keep an often-fragile deal moving forward, almost in spite of itself.

At Progressive Practice Sales, we offer you the best of all worlds.  We have not only helped hundreds of other doctors sell their clinics, we have also owned, operated and sold three chiropractic and wellness clinics of our own, so we have the unique understanding of your situation and the nuances of this highly specialized industry.  We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation in the chiropractic industry for working hard for our clients to provide solutions where the seller, buyer and patients all walk away highly satisfied with the sale outcome.

Learn More About Your Options


We know you have many options for your chiropractic clinic sale, and we’d love to be part of that discussion. We are excited to learn more about your clinic sale goals + share how we can help you achieve those goals and move on to the next adventure that life has in store for you! Your next step is to schedule a free, no obligation consult at a time that is convenient for you - we are
looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Want to learn more about our sales brokerage services?  We can't wait to help you get started!

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