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Contemplating a Practice Sale?

Save time + money with sale support targeted to your unique needs

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When it’s time to sell your practice, make sure that you work with a broker who provides the marketing, guidance + professional support your practice deserves.


Not every broker provides the same services.


For you to secure your sale proceeds + leave your practice legacy in good hands it’s critical that you work with a broker who will put in the efforts needed to optimize your sale price, terms + structure.


Progressive Practice Sales is the premier brokerage dedicated to guiding chiropractors through the complex process of selling a practice.


Starting with capturing buyer’s attention in an oversaturated marketplace, then procuring qualified buyers, and driving the sale to close in half the time of the industry average, we have the systems, resources + tools to provide you with the optimal clinic sale outcome. That’s why, in an industry where successful sales are the exception, we:

  • Achieve an 80-85% successful sale rate for our clients

  • Help our clients save thousands on their total sale costs when compared to discount broker services

  • Attain a 99.9% funding rate for buyer’s that complete our Buyer Readiness program

Because our mission is to serve as a resource for the entire chiropractic community, we offer multiple sales models to provide affordable sales support to every clinic, from the part-time doctor to the multi-clinic group. Click below for more information on the support package tailored to your unique needs.

"We feel you matched our practice to the new doctor perfectly."

-Dr. D. Wittwer

Dear Crystal,


I want to thank you for your exceptional work in selling my chiropractic practice. 


Before working with you and your team, I had contacted and spoken with several other practice brokers and even listed with one years ago that went nowhere.  Your company’s approach to the process made a big impression on me.  Your website promoting your listings is beyond compare and your practice of collecting, organizing, and preparing prospectus information from me for future buyers/finance companies was something I was unaware of any other company offering. This was invaluable in marketing the product I was selling.


Your staff was amazing in their knowledge and professionalism. Their range of skill was something I could never have provided for myself. Your web page designers highlighted my practice beautifully. Your team who attended to legal matters provided documents to safeguard both buyer and seller and gave much confidence that all the details would be attended to. The staff that extracted monthly stats from me to make sure buyers were kept updated on the value of my practice were invaluable since those details were not my strength as I attended to patient care. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I did want to say lastly that you, Crystal, were really the ‘rock’ we could depend on when negotiations were at critical stages. We would get emotional at times, and you were always steady and calm and reassuring.

I remember hearing when I first was considering listing my practice that selling could certainly take longer than you want and to be patient.  It did and I tried to be.  When we finally had an interested buyer, there were a few times when I had a strong feeling that the deal was going to fall apart, and we would have to start all over again. Your steadiness and calmness got us through that time. You guided the process on both

sides to keep each party from falling off the tracks. You were a trusted professional voice, and I was always confident I could rely on your judgement. In the end, the practice sold to a person who was a wonderful fit for my clinic. She has successfully taken the reins and is thriving.


I now have a better appreciation for the complexity of transactions like this.  I have been involved in many real estate transactions that seemed convoluted, but I have never experienced a transaction as complex as selling my practice.


My wife and I are very grateful to you and your team. We are safely on the other side of the practice sale and enjoying retirement. Life on my tractor is very sweet and I have you and your team to thank. 



Greg Wheeler, D.C.

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Want to learn more about our sales brokerage services?  We can't wait to help you get started!

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