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Looking for a Chiropractic, Acupuncture or Naturopath Practice for sale?  
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Chiropractic + Wellness Clinics for Sale

Progressive Practice Sales was born out of the idea that buying a holistic clinic doesn't need to be so hard.  The important information about a clinic, like main financials and the unique features that let you know if a clinic is a good fit should be easily accessible from the start.  Why would we want to waste your time, making you jump through hoops to access this information? We know you need to see this to determine if the clinic is what you are looking for, so we think you should have access to it right away.

Check out our listings, you will quickly see the difference.  We harness the power of current technology to give you the best information possible. But it's more than that... Buying a practice is exciting- you are looking at clinics that you might be the director of soon!  We think the process is a little more fun here, and we hope you agree!


The differences between us and other brokers don't stop there. Buying a clinic is one of the biggest investments many doctors ever make, and we believe that deserves  exceptional service from start to finish, whether you are our client or simply interested in one of our clients clinics.  

In other words, we are proudly challenging the status quo of practice sales to benefit buyers and sellers alike. Give us a ring if you'd like to learn about how we can help you with your practice sales or acquisition goals.  


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