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Kevin Misenheimer spent 14 years as a successful chiropractor, starting three clinics from the ground up.  These clinics were located in three distinct demographic areas, each with a different focus (straight chiropractic, spinal decompression and laser therapy, and nutritional-based treatment of chronic illnesses and weight loss).  After selling each via different brokers and sales models, Kevin became convinced that the chiropractic sales process could be modernized in many ways to substantially benefit both buyers and sellers.  With this new and exciting idea, he switched focus and poured his entrepreneurial drive into mastering the intricacies of practice valuations and the legal complexities of practice sales.  Combining this with his “boots on the ground” knowledge of what really works in today’s complex marketing and sales environment, he is thrilled to share his innovative ideas and vast personal experiences in starting, growing and selling all manner of boutique health and wellness practices.

Crystal Misenheimer received her BBA from Baylor University in International Management Information Systems. She worked in database management in the non-profit sector prior to taking over the management and marketing aspects of three of Kevin's chiropractic clinics, the two most recent of which grossed $450,000-$600,000 annually. Her technological background helps her keep a finger on the pulse of internet marketing, & her real life experience keeps her decisions grounded in what really works, instead of chasing after the newest (and often least profitable) ways to attract buyers. Her experience in staging, photographing and marketing practices ensures your practice is presented in the best light. As the Managing Broker for Progressive Practice Sales, Crystal has helped hundreds of chiropractors to successfully transition into the next stage of their careers. Crystal’s mastery of managing these complex and detailed transactions ensures that your entire buying or selling process will feel smooth and streamlined.

Stacie Helton, an experienced Finance Broker, has vast knowledge of the lending and banking industries. She not only provides the leadership and lending strategies to optimize your company’s financial performance, but also organizes and negotiates the funding structure of business acquisitions or other lending inquiries on behalf of our clients.  She works with multiple banks that specialize in the acquisition of many different medical industries, shopping the requested loan to find the best rates, package the application so it gets approved the first time, and walks both buyer and seller through the entire process to make sure everything gets done properly and completely.

The PPS Administrative Team, is composed of 12 administrative professionals who translate their decades of experience in accounting, copywriting, commercial real estate and more into making your practice sale a seamless experience. The hundreds of hours they put in each week ensures that your marketing materials stay fresh + your sales cycle moves forward as expeditiously as possible.

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