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Meet Our Team

The People Behind Progressive Practice Sales,
at Your Service!


Crystal Misenheimer | Lead Broker is the leading expert in chiropractic practice sales. The first and only chiropractic broker to earn the coveted Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), Crystal sets the gold standard in expertise, quality, and service. She offers full-service representation, hourly consultation, and “for sale by owner” support; in all service lines her clients can be sure that they are represented by the best. 


As Lead Broker at Progressive Practice Sales, Crystal has an unparalleled track record of successful sales. Along with an established network for nationwide representation, Crystal brings a wealth of experience, sharp negotiating skills, and a thorough understanding of marketplace trends. A former clinic owner herself, she is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive support on the many complexities of clinic valuations and practice sales.

For her accomplishments, Crystal has been recognized with the IBBA’s prestigious Chairman’s Circle + Deal Maker Awards. In 2021, she was one of only 28 brokers nationwide to win a Deal Maker Award. She was named an Industry Expert by Business Brokerage Press, the leading trade journal for business brokers. She was featured on Parker Success Academy and is a Senior Level Contributor on the Forbes Business Council. You can also find her regularly featured on Chiropractic Economics, NCMIC educational programs, and other industry podcasts, blogs and periodicals.

Crystal received her BBA from Baylor University in International Management Information Systems and worked in the non-profit sector before taking over management and marketing for three of her husband Kevin’s chiropractic clinics, and then transitioning into Managing Broker and then Lead Broker at Progressive Practice Sales. She lives in Chattanooga, TN and enjoys spending her free time hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time with Kevin and their four children.

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Kevin Misenheimer spent 14 years as a successful chiropractor, starting three clinics from the ground up. These clinics were located in three distinct demographic areas, each with a different focus (straight chiropractic, spinal decompression and laser therapy, and nutritional-based treatment of chronic illnesses and weight loss). After selling each via different brokers and sales models, Kevin became convinced that the chiropractic sales process could be modernized in many ways to substantially benefit both buyers and sellers. With this new and exciting idea, he switched focus and poured his entrepreneurial drive into building Progressive Practice Sales. As PPS’s Co-Founder + Director of Client Services, he is thrilled to help doctors to understand the sales process, the benefits of exit strategy planning, and also share his innovative ideas and vast personal experiences in starting, growing and selling all manner of boutique health and wellness practices.


Stacie Helton | Director of Finance + Capital Strategies is an experienced Finance Broker, has vast knowledge of the lending and banking industries. Her experience, network of lending partners, and reputation in this community is widely respected. She not only provides the leadership and strategic skills to optimize the company’s business and finance functions, but she also provides lending strategies for your company’s financial performance. She organizes and negotiates the funding structure of business acquisitions or other lending inquiries on behalf of our clients, as well as she supports the buyers through the lending process by serving as a resource and providing valuable advice and value-added services, which allow our buyer the best opportunity to achieve financing for the practice acquisition.  She works with nationwide banks that specialize in the acquisition of many different medical industries, while overseeing her team who works diligently to shop the requested loan to find the best rates and terms. Her team works hard to present the loan submission, so it gets approved the first time. Stacie will work with our clients through the entire process to make sure everything gets done properly and completely. She has a reputation of truly caring about each client and looks out for their best interest while developing a strong enough rapport that she can bridge the needs of the clients and the lenders in a way that facilitates successful deals. For buyers and sellers who are new to the process, Stacie will work to advise you on best practices and will work to find a solution that meets your needs. Stacie is a solutions oriented-success minded—professional who is looking forward to helping you meet your goals.


Elaina Wegelin | Senior Financial Administrator is an experienced Senior Loan Officer well-versed in IT and support. Elaina strives to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, lenders, and administrative support team. She continues to achieve the highest possible client satisfaction rating in our financial services division by delivering results with passion, excitement, and competence. She facilitates all aspects of our buyer's financing programs and packages bank applications, so it gets approved the first time and walks both buyer and seller through the entire process to make sure everything gets done properly and completely. She consistently goes above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to make buyers’ dreams come true in the process of owning their own chiropractic practices.


Alexandria Fisher | New Seller Advisor serves as one of Progressive Practice Sales’ client concierges. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science, with a concentration in health and medical sciences. With a background in both healthcare and hospitality, she is uniquely qualified to provide excellent customer service to PPS’s clients. Alexandria serves as the first point of contact for those looking to begin the process of listing their practices with Progressive Practice Sales. It is her goal to ensure that her clients’ needs and expectations are exceeded at every opportunity.

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Paige Berghel | Business Analyst is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, specializing in financial and operational management. With a career spanning several years, Paige joined PPS in 2021 as a Client Concierge for the Business Analyst team. In just a year, Paige's exceptional skills and dedication propelled her to become PPS's first Clinic Review Analyst. As the Clinic Review Analyst, she played a pivotal role in expanding the department. Her expertise extends beyond analysis, as she also excels in educating prospective sellers on the valuation process, providing IT support, and contributing to operational development initiatives. Drawing from her extensive background in financial and accounting roles within real estate brokerages, Paige brings a wealth of knowledge to her current position. Her keen insights and strategic approach continue to make her an invaluable asset to both the PPS team and its clients.


Tiffanie Blue | Client Concierge + Executive Sales Assistant has vast knowledge and experience in the retail space and consumer finance industries. She brings many years of sales management and is very competitive in meeting goals for herself and clients. Tiffanie serves as a vital role to help facilitate the needs of our sellers and provides a unique strategy to help sellers find their place in selling their practice. She is great at navigating challenging scenarios as well as has phenomenal listening skills to capture what the seller wants most.  She uses her background in management and the fast pace lending industry to execute the best tactics and plans to see our clients sales vision come true.  In her free time she enjoys exploring and tacking on new adventures with her three children as well as spending time with her family.


Tramayne Wilcox | Broker Team – Lead Connections Concierge is part of our Client Concierge Team here at PPS. Throughout his career, Tramayne has worked in a variety of industries, from construction to real estate. As a real estate and sales professional in these varying industries, he has had the opportunity to gain experience in working with both buyers and sellers - helping achieve their dreams and goals. He is passionate about the customer experience and always looks forward to helping clients reach a successful outcome. Tramayne was the child of a military family and has lived in multiple locations throughout the United States and Europe. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and son, and several fur babies. Together they enjoy traveling, camping and fishing, spending time at the beach, as well as spending time with their friends and extended family.


David Gaffin | Connections Concierge At Progressive Practice Sales, David Gaffin works in buyer procurement where he plays a vital role in linking sellers with potential buyers. He works primarily in buyer outreach, educating buyers on our listings, the buying process, and our financing options. Living in downtown Chattanooga, he enjoys writing in his spare time and going on hikes.


Christian Beard | Business Analysis Concierge is driven towards excellence in building client confidence and rapport while promoting your success. Christian’s knowledge + business acumen provide a solid base to provide thorough financial analysis that results in clear and supportable client financial statements. She is dedicated to and has a strong reputation for outstanding customer service and personal client care throughout the analysis process. When Christian is not working, she enjoys numerous sporting events and activities with her husband and five children.


Marge Ledesma | Business Analysis Administrator is assistant to Dr. Dustin Cheney. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, and started her career in the financing and lending industry where she gained experience in managing branch operations, credit analysis, and compliance. Marge has been with the PPS team since 2018 and has an in-depth understanding of chiropractic financial statements + addbacks. She is a great first-line respondent for any questions on your financials.


Geri Ong | Listing Manager serves as your primary point of contact when it comes to your data submission, valuation report, and information update. She is patient, very keen on details, and the best person to reach out to if you have questions about our online forms or need to update your file. She worked as a consultant for an IT company that specialized in a database management system.  She loves to combine business and pleasure. Previously she worked in Dubai, Bahrain, and Singapore for many years before deciding to go back and be based in the Philippines. She loves to go walking, swimming, and singing karaoke in her spare time.


Mallory Jenkins | Marketing Director is a digital marketer and graphic designer with 10 years of marketing experience. She holds a B.S. from Auburn University in Environmental Design and Sustainability and specializes in marketing and design. Overseeing everything from copywriting to advertising campaigns, Mallory makes sure that each clinic is presented in the best possible light. She is constantly trying out new marketing initiatives to keep your clinic in front of the right buyers. Her eye for detail and design ensures your clinic is presented in the best light and found by your ideal buyer. Passionate about art, music, animals, and helping others, Mallory lives in Chattanooga, TN with her cat.


The PPS Administrative Team, is composed of the 10 administrative professionals who translate their decades of experience in accounting, customer service, administration, commercial real estate, and more… into making your practice sale a seamless experience. The hundreds of hours they put in each week ensures that your marketing materials stay fresh + your sales cycle moves forward as expeditiously as possible.

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