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Sell Smarter + Save Big with High-Value

Sell your practice using the top chiropractic brokerage at a fraction of the cost

Walk away from your sale with
the best results - and the most cash - possible.

You’ve got a great clinic + you’re ready to transition it to a new doctor to carry on your legacy. For the boutique practice owner (generally a clinic that generates less than $300,000 of gross collections) it can seem like this should be a quick, easy, and uncomplicated process. But just like your patients don’t understand the complexity behind a skillful chiropractic adjustment combined with a proven treatment plan, the process of selling your practice is more complicated than it looks to the untrained eye.

And practice sales of this size aren’t served well by traditional sale models:

  • Premium full service brokerages use a sale model that will be too cumbersome and expensive for your sale

  • The For Sale by Owner, or FSBO, model won’t get you enough buyer exposure, and increase your risks of lost value, legal problems after the sale, and excessive attorney + CPA fees

  • Discount brokerages use a low service model; after introducing you to a buyer there is very little guidance or support during the sale. This dramatically increases your sale costs, but provides little to no value

Enter the ”High-Value” marketing + sale support program.

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This  revolutionary program was built to meet the unique needs of a boutique practice  sale by bridging the gap between the seriously lacking "FSBO" model and the overly expensive and complicated premium broker model - saving you money and providing a vastly better experience and outcome than  a discount broker.


The High-Value program is designed to:


  • Sell your clinic in a year or less*, with additional options to help drive a faster sale

  • Provide comprehensive support from preparing the practice through the end of the post-sale transition

  • Save a boutique practice seller an average of 25% to 50% in their total sale costs

  • Provide SEVEN TIMES THE VALUE of using a discount brokerage

  • Increase your likelihood of a successful sale

  • Reduce your stress during the sale so you can focus on maintaining your practice value

  • AND decrease your legal risks after the sale.



* All sale timelines, costs and savings are estimates and will vary based on the practice pricing, sale structure, and legal needs of the seller and buyer.


Get the insights you need to make the best decisions for your practice sale.

"Progressive Practice Sales did an amazing job assisting us in selling our Practice!  They were very thorough with the process and were always available to us if we had questions or concerns.  Their dedication to our timeline for selling our office was excellent.  We were successful in our sale and could not have done it without [PPS]'s help."


-Dr. John Bloodsworth, former High-Value client

Why Sell Your Practice with
the PPS High-Value Program?

Protect Your Practice Value

We take on the time intensive, tedious sale tasks so you can focus on keeping patient visits + practice collections strong.  We package the sale data, update the practice listing, post marketing + respond to buyer inquiries. We also provide seasoned guidance, resources + sale templates to save you time + money. For most doctors, the High-Value program takes about 80% of the sale time off your to-do list! *

Best Marketing + Sale Exposure

PPS is the #1 ranked website for chiropractic practice for sale searches - we average up to FOUR times more web traffic of any other chiropractic broker! To maximize your buyer traffic, we also invest thousands of dollars every month in pay-per-click ads. And we post ads for your listing on chiropractic school, technique + classified sites weekly, and regularly promote listings to our buyer lists and on multiple social media platforms.

Save on Your Sale Costs

The High-Value package is a powerhouse of sale support. The sale preparation, guidance, templates and administrative support that make up the High-Value package take work off you AND minimize the expensive work required from your CPA and attorney – resulting in significantly lower legal + accounting bills than selling the practice on your own, or using a discount broker (whose low-service model will give less support - yet costs much more*).

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Get the Most Value

The High-Value package gives you an unprecedented amount of sale value, with over 220 hours of sale services, support + guidance provided  in a typical 12-month sale! This is dramatically more than the 30 hours that a discount broker typically invests in a sale in that same period of time*. When translated to a “dollar per hour” return you get an average of more than SEVEN times the value in the High-Value program vs a discounted broker.

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Limit Your Risk

The High-Value program is designed to support the unique needs of a smaller + simpler practice sale, but PPS’s expertise in much more involved + complex sales means you get the peace of mind of knowing that the PPS team has the experience to identify  issue at first warning signs, helping you avoid costly problems that can derail your sale or result in problems + higher liability after your sale closes.

Listing Insights

Do you know what your broker is doing for you? We believe you deserve to know how your listing is performing so you can make the best decisions for your sale. At PPS you get a listing dashboard that provides real-time insight into your practice marketing efforts. We request buyer feedback which we share with you. And High-Value clients can email our Client Concierge to get support during business hours.   

Show Your Practice Some Respect

You’ve sacrificed years (maybe decades!) of your life building this practice. Now that it’s time to sell, you owe it to your family, your patients + yourself to protect your investment with expert sale support + guidance. And your practice deserves the High-Value program’s premium, professional presentation so it will shine in the marketplace.

What You’ll Get in the High-Value Package

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Expert guidance throughout your listing + sale

Avoid costly missteps with advice on your sale AND managing your practice while selling


Beautiful, professional presentation of your practice**

Comprehensive prospectus builds value + speeds the sale by clarifying practice operations + benefits


Data-driven pricing recommendations

Meet sale goals with our in-depth market analysis to maximize your sale value or timeline


Professionally written + designed marketing collateral**

Beautiful + aspirational marketing stands among standard, boring practice sale advertising


Nationwide marketing campaign with top buyer exposure**

Get up to FOUR TIMES  the web traffic + the most aggressive advertising of any chiropractic broker


Simple + confidential sale reporting**

See real-time insight into your listing performance + marketing


Management of prospective buyer inquiries

We receive initial calls, emails, web chats + social media inquiries to protect your time + privacy


Cultivation of buyer NDAs for your review

Get insight into a buyer’s background + stated ability to buy your practice


Industry-leading responsiveness to buyer inquiries for your prospectus

Rapid responses to prospectus inquiries keeps potential sales moving


Coaching to optimize buyer interactions

Guidance, resources + proven systems to help you negotiate + manage your sale


Collect buyer feedback on the prospectus

Get valuable insight into how prospective buyers are viewing your listing


Keep marketing + listing  fresh

Update ads weekly + practice data semi-annually  to keep the practice listing relevant + timely


Buyer prequalification

Save lost time + heartache by avoiding sale efforts with unqualified buyers***


Customized Letter of Intent (LOI) + broker consultation

LOI and sale strategy consultation to get your practice started in the right direction


Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) template + broker consultation

PSA template + consult for straightforward sale + discounts on  additional PSA support


Financing support for eligible buyers

Access to PPS lending network + educational resources


Transition guidance

Templates, checklists + guidance for a successful post-sale transition


Guidance on managing the closing

An overview of closing roles, tasks + documents so you can successfully oversee your closing


Money-saving discounts on premium add-ons to customize your support

Optimize your sale while investing in premium services as needed

**Exclusive service available only at PPS

*** up to 1 prequal per month included. Prequalification is based on credit and proof of funds, and is only an initial opinion of qualification, not a guarantee of lending



Initial Fee :: $999 (discounted to $699 for doctors with annual gross collections under $275,000)

Monthly Fee :: $799 (discounted to $399 for doctors with annual gross collections under $275,000)

Fee upon Successful Sale :: $0

Prices are for one location/one entity


What if I want or need to sell faster? The PPS High-Value program is designed to help most doctors sell within 12 months. However, there are ways to encourage a faster sale. There are some sale structures that can help you sell faster. Sometimes a lower price point can help you achieve a fast sale. And sometimes a faster sale can be achieved by increasing marketing efforts. For example, “practice for sale” marketing is all targeted at chiropractors looking for practice sales – but at PPS we offer additional marketing opportunities that target chiropractors who are not actively seeking an acquisition but might be interested in your practice as an opportunity to leave a low-paying associateship or expand on an existing clinic group. Advisory services on all of these options are part of High-Value program.

How much will I have to do in the High-Value program? The High-Value program is a FSBO program but comes with SIGNIFICANT support. So, in the High-Value program you receive a great deal of administrative support in the sale, taking approximately 80% of the sale marketing + administrative tasks off of your to do list – not to mention all the time (and money) saved by having PPS serve as your trusted resource for guidance and advice on practice sale norms and best practices. A seller using the High-Value program for a straightforward sale that does not involve SBA financing might spend around 20 hours talking with prospective buyers + another 25 hours working on the actual sale, on top of time gathering practice information for PPS and other sale team members. In the background, PPS is providing significant sale support; at the end of the sale, all of the PPS support averages about 20 hours of support services each month.

Why do I pay in advance instead of on a commission basis? We have guided hundreds of practice sales and we have found that premium brokerage services are a poor fit for boutique practices. The smaller sale price doesn’t justify all the work done in our Full-Service program (typically around 300 hours), resulting in a fee that is too high relative to the sale price. And the data requirements + sale work in that program often feel too cumbersome for the boutique seller. This leaves the boutique seller with discount brokers, and their low-effort model may seriously underserve your sale. This does you a great disservice, because your boutique sale still needs a lot of back-end support to thoroughly market + support the sale. And the one thing a discount broker will do for you, which is talk to buyers, doesn’t really help, either. This is because, while larger businesses sell primarily based on the profit of the practice, your boutique sale will be of interest to buyers for primarily the location, the technique, and the unique growth opportunities offered by your practice. The selling doctor can speak to these aspects of the clinic much more compellingly than the discount broker who has done little to learn about your clinic. Shockingly, most discount brokers are famous for slow response rates, which can do your sale more harm than good. Instead, what you really need is coaching + guidance to help you to best showcase your clinic + guide a buyer through a sale. These services – marketing, sale administrative support, coaching + guidance on the sale process and logistics – are consulting, not broker fees. And consulting is a flat fee, not a commissioned service. The great news is that this consulting program is not only the most supportive sale program for a boutique practice, but it also offers a significant savings over discount brokerages, which still charge you a significant commission of around 7% even though they primarily only introduce you to prospective buyers and then provide little to no sale support afterwards. As an example, if your clinic sells at $150,000, your commission at a discount brokerage charging 7% would be $10,500. At our $399 monthly fee you would have to engage us for 26 months in order to incur the same $10,500 sale fee. An average chiropractic practice sale averages 12-18 months, so in this example you would enjoy savings on your broker costs between $3,500 - $5,700! And that’s just the beginning of your savings, as the highly supportive High-Value program also helps you to minimize your legal and CPA sale fees.

My collections are right on the line between Full-Service and High-Value ; how do I know which option is the best for me? If it seems like Full-Service or High-Value could be a good fit, then we recommend that you obtain a Clinic Review. This is a precursory review of the clinic to determine the likely value range of the practice and which service package would be the best fit based on the uniqueness of your clinic. This is designed to be a low cost, low-time requirement service for the selling doctor – and the Clinic Review fee is applied to the service fees for any PPS listing package.

I have a larger practice but would like to save on my sale costs -- is the High-Value package a good fit for me? While the cost savings of the High-Value model can be attractive, it has not been designed for larger, more complex sales and will fall short in meeting the needs of larger clinics, especially those that will be sold through the SBA lending system. SBA lending has very rigorous requirements which are better served by the more thorough data preparation + premium broker analysis + support of the PPS Full-Service program. In a larger sale the broker will also be key in helping the buyer + their team understand the practice’s value and will serve a key role in directly guiding the larger + more complex sale directly through negotiations, due diligence + the lending process. While the High-Value program provides templates, guides + resources for the seller to do much of this on their own, those resources are built to meet the needs of a smaller and more straightforward sale and won’t be thorough or supportive enough for a larger + more complex transaction. This is also true for the support in the High-Value program, which is limited to 4 hours per month + comes from the PPS Team but not our Lead Broker. High-Value support is perfect for the boutique client, but neither the type of guidance nor the amount of support is optimized for the more rigorous needs of a larger transaction. This can result in less favorable sale structures + higher legal fees for the seller of a larger practice + failed sales due to the limited understanding of all parties involved.

Do I have to do a Clinic Review before a listing package? We do require a Clinic Review before starting a Full-Service or platinum listing package. This process allows you to be sure you are comfortable with the estimated range of pricing in which we can likely list the practice before you make the investment in the upfront fee and data submission required for a full listing package. The Clinic Review also allows us to identify which listing package(s) would be a the right fit for your practice while allowing you to “test drive” working with PPS to be sure that we will be a good fit as your partner through the sale process. However, if you believe the High-Value package would be the best option for you - a Clinic Review is not required and for the most expeditious sale listing process, PPS can recommend that you start the High-Value Package without completing a Clinic Review.

Get the insights you need to make the best decisions for your practice sale.

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