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We Can Help Value, Negotiate + Finance Your Dream Practice

Buying a Practice?

Congratulations on your decision to pursue your dreams! We know this is no small decision - this is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. It’s definitely something you want to get right, and Progressive Practice Sales has the expertise and knowledge to skillfully guide you through this complex process.  

Interested in a Progressive Practice Sales Listing?
Awesome! We are thrilled to serve as part of your support team to get the information + answers you need to gain solid insight into the practice and the acquisition process.  We have a true heart for buyer education and look forward to helping you through your acquisition journey. And we get rave reviews from the doctors who buy our clinics because our focus is always a winning scenario for all parties – the buyer, the seller and the patients you both serve.

Interested in a Clinic Represented by the Owner or Another Broker?

We’d love to help you with that, too! As a buyer’s agent we have multiple ways we can assist, from helping determine the clinics value, providing a DIY Acquisition Package, or representing you throughout the process with a Full Buyer Representation Package that includes:

  • Conducting a professional valuation of the clinic to ensure that you are getting the most value for your investment

  • Closely examine the financials and practice data for potential problem areas that might sabotage your financing- or chances for success as the new owner

  • Negotiate the terms of the sales agreement on your behalf

  • Help connect you with the best sources for financing your dreams

  • Walk you through the entire, complex sales process, answering questions and putting out fires as they arise (which they always do!)


We are excited to discuss all the possibilities with you- call or email today for a free, no obligation consultation.

"Progressive Practice Sales has helped us in two clinic purchases. Every person we spoke with and who helped is in the purchases was very knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to their help on the next purchase! I highly recommend them!."


Allen Lawes, PPS Buyer

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