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Valuation Services for Acquisition Opportunities


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The first step in most acquisitions is an analysis of the practice to understand the value. At PPS our valuations are always unbiased and are formulated by utilizing a comparable sales methodology primarily based on the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings.

For most clinics likely to value under $500,000, a Clinic Review is the ideal process as it is only $450, can be completed with minimal information from the selling doctor, and generally takes just two weeks to complete after all data is received.

If the clinic of interest is very complex or likely to value above $500,000, a full valuation is likely the best way to value the practice. This deep-dive into the practice not only results in a more finely tuned valuation of the practice, it also provides sufficient information for us to complete an audit that compares the data at 500+ intersecting data points to identify inconsistencies or abnormalities in the data. This thorough process not only helps you to thoroughly understand the practice you are considering, it also prepares the practice data for the rigorous underwriting process the clinic must successfully complete in order for approval of your business loan.

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