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File Folders

The BEST way to sell your files – and maybe discover hidden value

File Sales + Clinic Liquidations 

Let us help you to capture the most value and limit your responsibilities with a Liquidation Support Package.  This package is designed specifically meet the needs of the selling doctor who doesn’t have the time, the energy or the value in the practice to support a traditional sale model.

Many selling doctors don’t realize that there are several different types of assets that can be of value to another doctor in your community, and that there are ways to create additional value through what is traditionally known as a “file sale.”  So when facing a liquidation event it’s important to get a thorough analysis of the practice to understand the assets that could be sold and the value of each, so you don’t leave any value on the table.  Also, because these sales are not traditional sales, prospective buyers will also need help to understand the value of this opportunity. And you will also want to make sure that the sale is packaged properly so there is no confusion or unnecessary risk after the sale closes.  Our Clinic Liquidation Support Packages offer varying degrees of support to help you to wrap this sale up smoothly and efficiently.

Liquidation Valuation

A Liquidation Valuation is an analysis of the clinic assets to determine the approximate value for the various types of assets + the most effective option(s) to structure your sale to walk away with maximum value at closing.

Cost :: $599

Liquidation Sale Support Package

This package includes a Liquidation Valuation, as well as:

  • A marketing package to engage prospective buyers with the opportunity

  • A promotional plan for the selling doctor to present the assets to a targeted list of local doctors, either through mailing the materials we provide (good) or dropping them off in person (best)

  • A calling campaign conducted by PPS to local doctors after the marketing materials have been distributed

  • A HIPAA-compliant purchase + sale agreement for the asset sale (doctor’s attorney will need to finalize)

  • Support + guidance for the selling doctor through the sale

To best support the chiropractic community, we offer two payment options for the Liquidation Sale Support Package:

  • A $1500 upfront payment plus 10% at closing (minimum closing payment of $3500)

  • A $3000 upfront and no closing payment

“PPS is a fantastic group of professional people who really know their business and definitely have their act together! Not to mention how fair they are! Each person in their organization has a specific role so everything is categorized and covered from A-Z. Their organization guides you through the whole process of selling/buying and this makes it less a lot less stressful process. I wholeheartedly, without a doubt recommend PPS, you'll be happy you signed on!”


- Dr. Karen Cann, PPS Client

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