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Are you considering a Full-Service or Platinum listing package? The Clinic Review is your first step! This short + simple process gives you THREE important benefits:

  • You receive a range of ballpark pricing to understand if now is the right time to sell

  • You get a report detailing which listing package will best support you to achieve  your clinic sale goals

  •  You get to “test drive” working with PPS to make sure you feel like we will be the best partner to support you through your sale

The Clinic Review is an initial analysis of the practice based on last year’s tax return, this year’s profit + loss statement and an abbreviated practice info form. Results of the analysis are generally provided within two weeks of receiving all practice data.

The Clinic Review is also a great first step for buyers considering an acquisition, as it provides an initial opinion of value for the practice and often identifies areas to explore further in the due diligence process.


AND if you decide to list your practice or obtain buyer representation, the Clinic Review fee is applied to the listing program of your choice*!

* Clinic Review credit may be applied to further services for the same clinic for up to 6 months after the Clinic Review is completed

Clinic Review Cost

Clinics under $400,000 gross

Fee :: $499*

Clinics $400,000+ gross

Fee :: $799*

*Complex clinics (ex: clinics with multiple entities, multiple locations, or those that employ aggressive tax strategy) may require additional time, which is subject to an additional $199 fee.

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