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A Fresh, Modern Approach to
Chiropractic Practice Sales

Whether selling or acquiring, your practice is your most valuable asset. Why waste your time + money on the status quo? We’re proud to have revolutionized the practice sales industry, by making the process transparent, the marketing powerful, and the service laser focused on the needs of our clients.

Welcome to a New Day in Practice Sales

Progressive Practice Sales was created because the chiropractic clinic sales model was clearly outdated and underwhelming. We bring the health and wellness practice sales model (kicking and screaming the whole way) into the 21st Century, harnessing the power of current trends + technology to get your clinic in front of the right audience, and to hold their attention once we have it. 

What Clients Are Saying

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Progressive Practice Sales was born out of the idea that buying a chiropractic clinic doesn't need to be so hard. The process should be transparent, and dare we say, enjoyable?

Check out our listings + you will quickly see the difference. And our team firmly believes that buying a clinic is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and that deserves exceptional service from start to finish. You’re embarking on a huge adventure, and we’re excited to be part of it!

How We Maximize Your Chances for a Successful Clinic Sale

Aggressive Listings

Powerful Technology Utilization

Increased Internet Visibility

Increased Traffic to your Clinic-Specific Page

Increased # of Interested Buyers

Maximum Exposure to Target Audience

Professional Clinic Valuations

When you sell your clinic it’s crucial to get your clinic a professional valuation to make sure you aren’t leaving any value on the table. But this service is also invaluable for buyers, who want to make sure the clinic is properly priced and there aren’t any potential pitfalls- or landmines – lurking beneath the surface



 Tel: 888-508-9197

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