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A Revolutionary Approach to Selling Your Chiropractic Practice
Find the Perfect Buyer and Enjoy a Seamless Transition Into the Next Chapter of Your Life

Partner with the leading team in chiropractic practice sales to get your clinic sale across the finish line. With a stellar reputation, cutting-edge marketing, and a laser-focused approach, our hands-on team of specialists can help you find your perfect buyer and step into the next stage of your life. 

9+ Years

Experience in Practice Sales


Chiropractic Practices Sold


Successful Funding Rate for Qualified Buyers

50% Faster

Close Time Than Industry Average

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Industry-Leading Experts Eager to Partner with You in Every Phase of Your Career…
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Sell a Chiropractic Practice

Leave the heavy-lifting up to us to list your practice, proactively get it in front of the right buyers, and close the sale, so you can kick start the next phase of your life and career. 

Buy a Chiropractic Practice

Receive the support and education you need to navigate your acquisition journey with confidence. Value, negotiate and finance your dream practice with our expert guidance.

Value a Chiropratice Practice

Find out the real value of your clinic with a thorough practice analysis. Know how much your practice is worth so you can make wiser decisions for the future.

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Get Financing for Your Practice Goals 

Whether you are buying, growing, expanding, integrating, or starting your dream practice from scratch, our team of funding experts have you covered. 


Are you Ready to Sell Your Chiropractic Practice and Step Into the Next Chapter of Your Life?

As a chiropractor, you give everything to help your clients. Through your work, you’re able to single-handedly transform the lives of the patients you see by giving them the freedom to enjoy a pain-free life! 


But there’s no question: running a practice can be physically taxing, emotionally draining, and all-consuming. Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your career, and you’re ready to retire and slow-down. Or, maybe you’re just looking to relocate, pursue other opportunities, or just pivot your life in a new direction. 


 If you’ve found yourself ready to step into the next chapter of your life, you’ve probably also found yourself wondering… 


“Where do I even start in finding the perfect buyer to take over my practice?”

Selling Your Biggest Investment is No Small Decision…

And you want to know (without a shadow of a doubt) that you’ve handed the reins over to the right buyer, at the right price.


You might be thinking about saying goodbye to the challenges of running your business, and embracing a new chapter in your life… or perhaps you’re even ready to dive right in! Whether you want to travel, spend more time with loved ones, focus on your health, or just enjoy the fruits of your hard work, selling your practice can give you the freedom you’ve been craving. 


No matter how ready you are, letting go of your practice, saying goodbye to your beloved clients, and leaving your legacy in the hands of someone else can be incredibly hard. 

Perhaps you’ve found yourself hitting these roadblocks in your journey so far?

Are you feeling burnt out from the stress of owning your own practice? And you’re ready to move on from this stage of your life, but don’t know what steps to take first…

Have you previously worked with a broker who overpromises, but underdelivers? And you want to feel like you truly have an expert on your side who cares about your success and is walking with you… 

Do you care about preserving the legacy of your practice that you’ve worked so hard to create? And you want to know you’re giving your clinic to someone with integrity who you can really trust…

Are you ready to get the right buyer for your practice sooner rather than later? And don’t want to be waiting for years to move things forward or have to sacrifice the price you want.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of assigning a price to something you’ve worked so hard to build? And you want to know you’re getting paid what your clinic is really worth…

Are you struggling to let go of this chapter of your life, and embrace the future? And you want to work with a team who understands the weight of this decision, and can help guide you through…


If you resonate with any of the above, or you’re simply looking for a pain-free, transparent, and smoother way to sell your practice, we can help!

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At Progressive Practice Sales, We’re Revolutionizing the Way You Sell Your Chiropractic Clinic 

Greater transparency. Maximum exposure marketing. An eager team of specialists laser-focused on your goals. 


These are just some of the ways we’re bringing the outdated health and wellness practice sales model into the 21st Century as the leading brokerage in the industry. Our fresh approach harnesses the power of trends and technology to capture the attention of today's chiropractic buyers to drive successful practice transitions that routinely close in 50% less time than the industry average.


You won’t simply benefit from one broker, but from an entire team of specialists who are dedicated to your success! Now you can make this monumental, life-changing decision with confidence, knowing you will have chiropractic's Premier brokerage team by your side to guide you through every step of the way!

In an Industry Where Successful Sales are the Exception,
Our Fresh and Proactive Approach Means They’re Not. 

We Help Help Our Clients…

Achieve an 80-85% successful sales rate.


Save thousands on their total sales costs when compared to discount broker services.

Attain a 99.9% successful funding rate for qualified buyers. 

Close their SBA funded sales in an average of 89 days (half the time of industry standard).

Preserve their practice legacy by finding the right buyer for them.

But it’s more than our stellar reputation, and our industry-beating sales stats that set us apart... 


The reason we’re the #1 choice for clinic representation among chiropractors is because we truly care about you, and are laser focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Looking for Chiropractic Practices for Sale Near You? 

Our brokerage was born out of the idea that buying a chiropractic clinic doesn’t need to be so hard. The process should be transparent, simple, and dare we say, enjoyable! With exceptional service from start to finish, we’re dedicated to making your decision to purchase a practice the right one. 


See the Progressive Practice Sales difference in our current listings:

What Sets Progressive Practice Sales Apart?
Proactive Approach

While the typical business broker lives by the motto “If you build it, they will come”, we take a different approach. We have the most strategic and intentional client marketing of all chiropractic brokerage firms to ensure your clinic is solidly and repeatedly in front of the best-fit buyers. 

Buyer Support

The #1 reason buyers don’t move forward on a practice purchase is fear, mainly due to a lack of understanding. Our hands-on education and support system works to reduce apprehension so your practice sale can reach the finish line much faster!

Stellar Presentation

We utilize full color, imagery-filled marketing so your potential buyers can see the true potential your clinic has to offer. On average, we invest over 50 hours to prepare an average clinic for listing. That way, when it goes in front of a buyer or lender, you know no stone has been left unturned to ensure you get the maximum value possible.

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We’re committed to being an open book as to the challenges of practice sales, your specific situation, and what it will take to accomplish your goals. We also know the value of a transparent clinic listing, so we put in the hard work to make sure your clinic data is clear and consistent, so buyer confusion doesn’t cost you a sale.

Specialist Team

Unlike many brokers who operate independently, we’re built around a team of experts who each specialize in a specific phase of the sale process. This allows us to maximize each step in the practice sale process so we can best meet your sales goals. 

Access to Funding 

The reality is, chiropractic clinic sales can be a challenge for lenders inexperienced in similar deals. We have built up a network of nationwide lenders who love chiropractic deals, resulting in the vast majority of our clients walking away at least 95% funded at closing.

And most of all, we’re solely dedicated to our mission: your success. 


We’re no stranger to the fact that chiropractors have historically been massively underserved when it comes time to make the life-changing decision to sell or buy. At Progressive Practice Sales, we’re devoted to making your transition a great experience for all parties -

seller, buyer and patients.

What Clients Are Saying

Financial Consultation
Unsure What Your Clinic is Worth? 
Get a Professional Clinic Valuation of Your Practice

Find out how much you could expect to get for your clinic and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. Plus, with a professional valuation you can offer potential buyers an accurate and transparent look into your practice for a smoother sales process. 

Meet our Founders,
Crystal & Kevin Misenheimer

Hi there! 


As the founders and lead brokers of Progressive Practice Sales, we understand what a monumental life change this decision is. Not only have we assisted hundreds of chiropractors through this process, but we’ve also sold three of our own practices. 


Sadly though, our own journey was anything but smooth sailing. Every broker seemed to promise results, but it felt as if we were on our own. So, we researched other sites and saw the same problems: clinic after clinic stagnating, no recent updates, no proactive marketing, and no hope of a successful sale. We knew how frustrated and helpless these doctors felt… 

So we decided to create the brokerage we knew the chiropractic community needed. 

Fast forward to today: we’re now the leading brokerage in the industry and we can humbly say that we have the best understanding of the practice sales process, the best grip on marketplace dynamics, and the best professional network in the business! We use all these elements to your advantage so you can get the greatest results possible. 


We’re confident that no one else in the industry will care more about your sale, or work harder on your behalf to help you move into the next chapter of your life. Whether you’re craving more freedom to travel, more time with your loved ones, or just a change in your life direction, we can’t wait to help you take the next step toward your optimum life.

Crystal & Kevin

Feel confident that you’re in safe hands knowing our Lead Broker Crystal is:
  • The 1st Chiropractic Broker to earn the coverted Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) Designation from the IBBA

  • Winner of the IBBA’s prestigious Chairman's Circle Award 

  • One of just 28 brokers nationwide to win the Deal Maker Award

  • A named Industry Expert by Business Brokerage Press, leading trade journal for business brokers

  • Sought-out speaker, contributor, and thought-leader of 21st century chiropractic sales. 

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Get Educated, Equipped and Empowered to Sell Your Practice With These Free Articles

Explore our blog for all the latest advice, strategies, and tips to navigate the practice sales process with confidence. 

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step and Open the Door to Your Future?

Whether you’re looking to retire, relocate, or just take a step in a new direction, we want to help you make this monumental transition with confidence. Get in touch with our team today, and let us find you the perfect buyer to take care of your beloved practice, and preserve the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build. 

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