Do you think you have found "The One"?  Want to make sure that the clinic is a solid investment and that you are getting the best possible deal?  We've got you covered. This fee* includes

  • A professional valuation of your chosen clinic

  • Examination of the financials and practice data for potential problem areas that might sabotage your financing- or chances for success as the new owner

  • A written report including ideas for negotiation strategies and improvements should you decide to purchase the clinic


*this service is for clinics currently represented by another broker. If clinic is self-represented, you'll want to check out our professional valuation

Is This My Dream Practice?


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    *PPS works on a limited, nationwide basis. Currently we are primarily accepting full-representation listings in

    AL, AZ, AR, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MO, MT, NC, OH, SC, TN and TX

    Limited services are available in other locations

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