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Sell Your Own Chiropractic Practice – Complete Checklist

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Thinking of selling your own practice? You’re not alone – many of our clients initially come to us thinking that they might just sell the clinic on their own.  But once they have a full realization of how complex + multifaceted the sales process is, they start to realize that selling on their own could cost them a lot of time, tens of thousands of dollars in lost value, and possibly even the sale itself. 

If you’re thinking the DIY model is a possible fit for selling your most valuable asset, make sure to read on to see if you have the time, energy and stamina to see this rigorous process through from start to finish.

Still want to list it yourself? We wish you the best of luck – and highly recommend that you check out another article to get a clear understanding of some of the biggest obstacles chiropractic clinics face in the marketplace.  We hope that is helpful!

Thinking that is all a bit more than you really want to bite off?  Let’s talk so we can share how we can help!

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