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Doing it Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing

We are so excited to be featured in Kevin Christie’s new book published through Parker University—Doing it Right: Modern Chiropractic Marketing.’ This book will guide you with modern marketing concepts and strategies to elegantly grow your practice without resorting to unethical and distasteful marketing. It will walk you through implementing and sustaining this growth with a strategic plan to automate, delegate, and optimize all aspects of your practice’s marketing.

Kevin is a chiropractor who loves business. He has run his own practice with plenty of headaches and decided to share his lessons learned with the rest of the chiropractic world through Modern Chiropractic Marketing, which offers resources such as coaching, blogs, podcasts, and now a book! We have a ton of respect for Kevin and his many contributions to the chiropractic industry!  If you haven’t seen his webpage, check it out here--

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