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The Changing Marketplace for Practice Sales

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Chiropractic Practices for Sale

Hello! Summer is traditionally a very busy time at Progressive Practice Sales so we don't follow our standard posting schedule very closely... But I had to share some exciting news- we were honored to have one of our articles published in Chiropractic Economics this month! And it's on one of my favorite topics - how to sell your practice smarter by utilizing the trends shaking up the business world. It's a quick read with lots of useful information so I definitely encourage you to check it out. And if it's time for you to consider selling your clinic, reach out and set up a free consult. We'd love to learn more about your clinic, and share with you how we use these trends to maximize effectiveness in finding great buyers for our clients, and help move the deal smoothly through negotiations to closing and transition to new ownership.

Happy Summering!


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