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Three Reasons a Dedicated Web Page is Critical to Selling Your Clinic

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

When doctors call us to learn more about selling their clinics, they are often surprised that we create an entire web page dedicated to just their clinic; After all, this is not standard to this industry, and no other broker is offering anywhere near the amount of pictures, unique selling points, financial data and clinic stats we feature on our clinic web pages.

But the truth is, in today’s marketplace this web page is a critical base to establish a web presence and effective marketing strategy to sell your clinic.

Before we dig in to the details, I want to clarify that I’m talking about web presence related to your clinic sale here; Your clinic’s web presence (what patients see when they search for you online) is also incredibly important, but that’s an entirely different monster (and not relevant here since your clinic’s identity should not be divulged at this point in the sale process. But I digress…)

So why is this web page so crucial?

1. Marketplace is crowded

I’m sure you have heard- the baby boomers have solidly entered the golden years, leading to the biggest wave of retirements this country has ever seen.You are not the only doctor who is thinking of selling their clinic, and you only have to hop onto Planet Chiropractic to see what that looks like- as of this morning there are 1,744 active listings under the ‘clinics for sale’ category.Of course some of those are duplicates- but not every clinic has an active listing on Planet Chiropractic, either… For round numbers let’s say there are 2,000, or an average of 40 clinics per state. This feels REALLY low based on the number of doctors we talk to every day- but let’s just go with it anyway.How do you make your listing stand out among the other 39 DCs in your state?Not only that, most doctors calling us about buying a clinic give us a list of 3-5 states they are considering.So now you are competing for attention with 120-200 clinics. To some degree your price, collections, net income and location will differentiate you.

But what if you could INSTANTLY make your clinic stand out above all others?

2. Marketplace is hard to search

Have you looked at practices for sale?This is not a user-friendly process- and buyers HATE that. How annoying is it, in 2017, to have to look at 20+ different sites to make sure you are seeing all of the clinics for sale? These sites all have different formats and search options.The brokers all pick and choose what information they put in the listing. For example, if a prospective buyer is looking for a clinic in Austin, Texas that specializes in nutrition and has a profit of at least $200,000 a year, they are going to be combing through a lot of pages to try to find clinics to fit that criteria.

But what if YOUR clinic could easily be found by anyone looking for an opportunity in your area?

3. Buyers have high expectations

Think about the last time you tried to find something you wanted to buy- or know more about- online.Were you expecting to wade through pages of dry information, on a site that lacked any kind of design?I doubt it. I bet, whether you were looking for a new car or a new vitamin, you were expecting to see links to exactly what you needed on the first page or two of your search results. And I bet you were then expecting these links to take you to a highly functional, modern- and likely beautifully designed- website that would share with you all you’ve ever wanted to know and more about this item.

Is that what prospective buyers get when they look for a chiropractic practice for sale?Eh, not so much. Mostly they find a little paragraph with little details as to what makes this clinic different from any other, and often these listings lack crucial pieces of information, forcing the prospective buyer to request more information or make a call to see if the clinic might even potentially be a good fit.

But what if YOUR clinic could meet- no, exceed- your prospective buyers expectations for quality information in an easy to read, attractive format?

Here it is guys, the golden ticket; Having a dedicated web page for your clinic sale does all these things (and more!) A webpage dedicated to your clinic:

  • Stands out among a sea of clinics for sale with limited information

  • Shows up prominently when prospective buyers search for clinics for sale in your area

  • Shares the information prospective buyers want and need to see to move further along the sales process

  • Opens up a world of other opportunities to market your clinic online to specifically targeted audiences

Of course, all of these delicious benefits only happen if your dedicated webpage is also search-engine friendly, had been optimized for all the terms your prospective buyers might be using to find you, and has established credibility with Google and other search engines so it shows up on page one of the search results. And that is where we come in; Our landing pages are not only beautiful and designed to maximally highlight all the unique selling points of your clinic and your area, they are also optimized to fly to the top of the search engine rankings.

Could you do this on your own? Of course; There are lots of great tools that make creating a website super easy. But it will be much harder to get the traffic to your site, simply because you aren’t a trusted, established presence online. Because Google, Bing, Safari, and all their search engine friends already know and love us, our new pages start on page 1 or 2, which would not typically happen if someone put up their own independent webpage.

A final parting insight- if you don’t have a solid web presence promoting your clinic sale, it makes your clinic look out of out of touch. The harsh truth is people have high expectations now of everyone putting only their best face forward (picture your Facebook feed and I probably don’t need to say another thing to make this point.) If your clinic isn’t showing it’s absolute best online, people are going to think it’s out of date. You can’t let your entire web presence consist of a paragraph on an antiquated website. This is one of the biggest purchases many doctors will ever make; You want them to see your clinic as a prime opportunity, the best on the market. And, as we all know, first impressions are lasting.

If you’re thinking of selling your clinic and this makes so much sense to you, contact us to set up a complimentary consult. We’d love to learn more about your sales goals and share with you how we can maximize the sales process for you at every step- because this website is truly just the beginning of what we can do to help you.

Until next time,


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