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Secret Weapons for Buying + Selling a Chiropractic Clinic Revealed!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Whew! I don’t know about you, but the intensity of jumping back into the real world in January always takes my breath away a little bit. After the (relative) peace of holidays and time off, it never fails to surprise me how fast the world moves when we are all back at full speed.

Things have definitely been moving and shaking around here. We spent the holidays discussing 'How can we make buying or selling a practice even better/easier/more fun’ and ‘How can we improve this experience for our clients?’ We came up with some awesome ideas (objectively speaking of course!) and we have spent the last three weeks madly working at insane hours to put them into place. And at long last, we are ready to share them with you (drum roll, please...)

First, check out our new listing page! We love the modern, clean aesthetic, and all the beautiful pictures- but more importantly, check out how easy it is for you buyers out there to identify the best of the best reasons for why each clinic shines. And the images serve a dual purpose, also letting you get a glimpse of what life looks in each location.

But as pretty as that page is, that’s just the gateway to our brand new landing page design! We are so excited about this- look at all this great information! We have refined our information gathering process (more on that below) so we can clearly and succinctly lay it all out on the table for our buyers… And here’s the deal- we think this is really important- we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Sellers are busy, buyers are busy, we ourselves are incredibly busy. No one needs to waste their time calling and emailing trying to find out if a clinic is even a prospective fit. So let’s be transparent about what the clinic does, what is totally amazing about it, and what the pertinent numbers are. Let’s save everyone some time- and just for fun, let’s make it really fun to look at as well. After all, buying a practice is a big deal. Hello total life change! We think beautiful landing pages make the journey a little more exciting.

After redesigning these landing pages, we thought ‘I bet potential buyers would also like to see some video of the clinic!’ So we also started crafting promotional videos for our clients, which we link to in the ads we post on a weekly to bi-weekly basis (depending on the site.) But even more significant, these videos have been getting our clinics prime search engine placement within a day or two of posting.

Stick with me here, there’s more- yes, really! Next, we redesigned our clinic prospectus, which is a 30-60 page in-depth clinic analysis that answers all the questions a prospective buyer could think of. The new design features even more great information about the clinic and its location, all in an easy to read format with tons of pictures. We are getting rave reviews on these!

(OK potential buyers- class is dismissed for you. The rest of this message pertains to chiropractors looking to sell a clinic)

AND (last one!) we redesigned our information intake process, to make it even easier and more streamlined, so we can get your clinic appraised, listed and marketed even faster!

So here’s the thing I want you to walk away with- we aren’t charging a dollar more for any of this. You see, we have not only sold clinics for other doctors, we have stood in your shoes (three times!) And when it was our clinic for sale, that we had invested years of blood, sweat and tears into, we wanted someone who cared about it as much as we did. And now, standing on the other side, that’s the driving force behind all that we do. In today’s crowded and competitive sales environment, our clients need to have every possible advantage when it comes to selling their clinics. So of course we are going to work our tails off to develop the best possible marketing and listing package, and of course we are going to include it all in our all-inclusive package at no extra cost. That’s just how we roll around here.

So tell me- if this is the year you are going to sell your clinic- don’t you want the best of the best? Don’t you think your years of effort deserve to be showcased in the best possible light, and in the ways that reach the most possible buyers? And truly, this is just scratching the surface of what we do. Interested? Let’s chat about what we can do to help you ride off into the proverbial sunset this year.

All right- back to work… We have some other new ideas in the works!



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