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Professional Valuations

It's Your Most Valuable Business Asset- Don't Leave its Valuation to Chance

What Clients Are Saying

At Progressive Practice Sales we pride ourselves in our independent, unbiased valuations of chiropractic practices. Our professional evaluation takes into account all the complexities and unique factors of your business, and is paramount to establishing a strong basis for the asking price of your practice.


While there are similarities in all clinics, each practice brings with it unique characteristics that can affect the value, sometimes dramatically, in ways that a simple formula just cannot capture.  


What if the intangible benefits to your practice could have increased your asking price? 

What if an oversimplified valuation doesn’t stand up to the buyers negotiations?


Whether you are buying or selling a practice, with a professional practice valuation from Progressive Practice Sales, you can be confident you are getting the most value from your biggest business investment.

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