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Platinum Package

$4000 upfront + 10% commission* at close
*minimum fee applies

High-value clinics have a market of more discerning buyers, ranging from successful doctors looking to make a move to large investment groups.  Our Platinum service package includes everything you need to sell your $2,000,000+ high-end clinic at top value. The more in-depth valuation + sales materials in this package are crucial for establishing maximum value. And the full support + high-level service of the Platinum program is what keeps sales of this size moving. 


Highest level of support with broker access through the entire sales cycle

Full listing webpage + prospectus with professionally written marketing collateral

Most robust marketing package with multiple clinic-specific ad campaigns to generate extra traffic flow to your page 

Comprehensive prospectus provides every detail needed to satisfy the rigorous analysis performed by high net worth buyers + their advisors

Ideal For:

Doctors with high-income clinics which consistently require premium service + support for the sellers, buyers + banks to successfully close the deal

High-value clinics where the custom copy, professional presentation + extremely thorough prospectus are essential for obtaining maximum value

Clinics with complex financials that will require a close working relationship with the CPA in order to accurately present the true profit of the clinic

Doctors who want to have all details of the sale process managed with the minimum effort on the seller’s part

Complex clinics (multidisciplinary, multiple providers, multiple locations, multiple entities) that require a lot of broker involvement to develop sales material + help buyers to grasp clinic operations, financials + value

Clinics whose size and unique characteristics result in a smaller marketplace, therefore a more robust marketing package is essential for a successful sale 

Not a Good Fit If:

Doctors want to handle the sales details themselves (Check out our Silver program instead)

Smaller clinics where the minimum commission doesn’t make sense (The Gold program may be a better fit)

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