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The 'I have a buyer- now what?!?!' Package

$1200 + 6% at closing*

If you already have a buyer- and do not need us to list and market your practice- this is the package for you!  Selling a practice doesn't stop at finding a buyer - that’s actually where the real work begins! We will assist you through every twist and turn of this complex process, including:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of your practice, resulting in an appraised value that can stand up to tough negotiations

  • Negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf

  • Assemble, clarify and standardize the mountain of paperwork required for due diligence

  • Aid in locating and designing the optimal financing package

  • Crafting a seller financing agreement that offers you maximum protection (if necessary)

  • Coordinate with all parties on details of sale, and provide a useful buffer between the buyer and seller (other than $400 an hour attorneys) when opinions differ and tempers can flare

  • Manage the sales process all the way through the transition into new ownership so you are not mired down in the details of the transaction (this is very important- you don’t want your numbers to drop while you finalize the sale!)

  • Serve as an advisor and advocate throughout sales and transition process, sharing our knowledge of best industry practices and our hard-won personal experiences- so you don’t have to learn these lessons the hard way


* The $1,200 originally paid will be deducted from the 6% consultant fee upon successful completion of the practice sale; minimum fee of $16,000 upon successful sale

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