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Thriving Clinic in Exploding Fayetteville

$297,000 Net | Modern Clinic | $50,000 of New Equipment

the  scoop

  • Growing clinic generated $297,000 in profit in 2018


  • $50,000 of new equipment


  • Owner has dream opportunity to practice overseas so has priced clinic for fast sale

  • Abundant new patients - clinic generates 40-100+ new patients each month!


  • Located in desirable Fayetteville, one of the fastest growing areas in the entire country!








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Clinic + Area Details

  • Spacious 2000 sq ft clinic features reception area with seating for fifthteen people, two chiropractic treatment rooms, two massage therapy rooms, large PT area, infrared sauna room, Himalayan salt room break room, manager’s office, laundry room and restroom

  • Located in busy retail center with ten other businesses which share a large parking area with approximately fifty parking spaces

  • For the third time, Fayetteville was voted in the top five ‘Best Places to Live’ in the entire country by US News & World Report!

  • Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville is a combination of thriving business community, college town, and outdoors haven featuring offering hiking, fishing, and biking along fifthy miles of trails and three lakes

  • From its first-class performing arts center, active local food scene, vibrant live music venues, and dynamic festival scene there is never a dull moment around Fayetteville

  • With an exceptionally low cost of living + a median home price of only $186,000, that $297,000 net income will go REALLY far in this area!

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