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Protect Your Family + Your Practice with a Contingency Plan

In these uncertain times life can change quickly, in positive ways (like a new job for a spouse) or in a more challenging way (through the doctor’s serious illness or death.) Since your practice is likely one of your most valuable assets, and practices lose value very quickly once the selling doctor is no longer able to practice,  it pays to be prepared to maximize an unexpected sale.


The PPS "Contingency Plan" helps to preserve value + greatly reduces the stress + burden on the doctor's family in these challenging situations. This plan also allows the doctor the opportunity to maximize new opportunities that may arise by allowing your clinic to be rapidly listed for sale and prepared for potential bank funding in less than 1 week versus the typical 45-60 day listing and marketing timeline experienced by most seller.

The Contingency Plan package includes:

  • a basic practice evaluation

  • pricing recommendations based on current practice size + operations + Sellers Discretionary Earnings

  • preparation of a practice prospectus to be used to support the practice value + buyer loan procurement if an unexpected sale arises

  • Semi-annual updates to the pricing recommendations + prospectus to keep the price relevant and the data fresh

  • No upfront listing fee and a .5% discount on the commission if a listing package is needed*

* client is eligible for discounted fee and commission benefits after two years of continued participation in this program.

Contingency Plan

The "Contingency Plan" enables PPS to provide a rapid listing process should the unthinkable happen which should minimize stress and anxiety for your loved ones, increase the likelihood of sale, preserve more practice value, and ensure the patients have the opportunity to maintain continuity of care.


By monitoring both the change in practice value and the current market conditions, sellers are able to focus on a measurable metric for improving the value (and likely sales price) of the business while also staying apprised of current market conditions which may aid in the optimal exit timeline and strategy.

Initial Fee :: $699

Monthly :: $59

Contingency Plan + Private Representation Package

Are you not quite ready for a public listing, but want to be able to take advantage of any sale opportunities that arise?  Or are you anticipating a longer sale due to the use of a highly specialized technique, or a rural location?  The Contingency Plan with Private Representation can be an optimal listing program for your practice! This service option allows you to preserve the confidentiality of your sale over a longer listing, and also avoid the negative connotations that can come from an extended public listing. This unique program also allows you to lock in today’s sale costs, and all payments made towards the Contingency Plan will credit towards your sale commission.*

Initial Fee :: $699

Monthly :: $99

* subject to minimum commission requirements in your listing

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